American University Students for Liberty represents and advocates the philosophy of liberty on campus and in the greater liberty movement, focusing on a range of contemporary issues across political, economic, and social spheres. We stand for limited government, free markets, non-interventionism abroad, and sound money. We believe in the freedom of thought in the academy, the freedom of choice and individual integrity. Our mission is to spread these essential ideas in the university, provide opportunities for students to get involved in the liberty movement, and represent the student's role as an essential check on an authority's power. The organization is expressly against the use of force in all circumstances, and seeks to promote liberty through peaceful, creative, and collaborative means.

Free Market Thoughts Exchange 

A good many libertarians tend to be bibliophiles, so this page will function as a sort of virtual book exchange. We'll have someone post a book or a few each week, and would love to see some commentary, critiques, recommendations and debate about whatever book(s) are the focus of the week. If you would like to see one of your favorite (or least favorite for that matter) books featured, email your recommendation to austudentsforliberty@gmail.com.