Monday, March 14, 2011

How AUSFL is blowing your mind

If you are interested in getting more involved in organizing an event or have questions, please email We are always looking for your ideas and help!

Ongoing Events

Every Tuesday
AUSFL Tables on the first floor of MGC 11 am - 2 pm
AUSFL Weekly Meetings 8 pm, Ward 102

Every Wednesday:
AUSFL hosts weekly speaker 7 pm (locations vary, check Facebook event page)
We are hosting speakers on a wide range of topics, spanning from public choice theory to immigration to foreign aid to student speech codes

Every Friday
AUSFL hosts a movie night 8 pm  -10 pm


March 22 
Speaker: Isaac Morehouse of IHS
"Can you Change the Government by Working Within?" 
7 pm
Ward 2

March 23
Speaker: Nigel Ashford
"What kind of a Libertarian are you?"
7 pm
MGC 245

March 30
Speaker: Bryan Caplan
"Immigration & Border Control"
7 pm
EQB Lounge

April 6
Speaker: Ian Vasquez
"Does Foreign Aid Hurt Developing Countries?"
7 pm
Ward 1

April 13
Speaker: Adam Kissel
"Student Speech Codes: Why does AU have a red light rating from FIRE?"
7 pm
EQB Lounge

April 15 (Friday)
Special Tabling Event on the Quad
Tax Day Protest
Objective: talk to students about why taxation can be a drain on the economy
11 am - 2 pm
Why you should attend: 
We aim to smash giant watermelons with various ridiculous/harmful taxes written on them

April 19th 
Freedom Fair
[tentative, plans in progress]
All Day on the Quad
Objective: get as many student organizations as possible to come out and celebrate various individual rights
We aim to have student bands play live!

April 20
Special Tabling Event
"End the Drug War"
Objective: explain to students why the drug war is really ineffective and harmful
11 am - 2 pm
Why you should attend: we will sell "pot brownies," or brownies out of a plant pot

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