Tuesday, April 12, 2011

AUSFL National Debt Sign is up!

Have you seen the AUSFL National Debt Sign on the Quad? 
Swing by in front of the library and check out our 48 foot long masterpiece! 
It will stay up between now and Friday, April 15th. 
Does the National Debt Figure matter? Is it merely a symbol of out of control big government spending or will elderly people suffer when they can no longer rely on their retirement savings that are backed by the US treasury?

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This sign took 6 hours to make (Major Hat tip to Michael Marsocci, Alexander Zeymo, Alex McHugh, Paul Bencivenga, and Karina Zannat for making it. A big thank you to Clark Ruper, AUSFL Alums Kyle Hartz & Ian Hosking for letting us use their backyard).

It also took almost 2 hours to set up. Thank you Alexander Zeymo, Alex McHugh, Emily Schofield, Daniel Sanbeg, and Karina Zannat for working on the set up from 11 pm to 1 am on a Monday night! 

***We could really use your help breaking it down on Friday afternoon, please email austudentsforliberty@gmail.com to volunteer***

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